Zombies running toward my house

I looked out my front window which is at the head of a t-intersection and saw three zombies sprinting toward my house.

That’s when I knew I’d been consuming too much zombie related media.

But it’s been so fun!

DJ Molles has a book series called “The Remaining” and it’s wicked good. I love fast paced stories and I was boggled why a book that starts with someone holed up in a bunker could keep me turning the virtual pages.

The premise rocks. The US government put a military person in each of the states and whenever the government thought we were near to a catastrophic event, the military person went into a bunker. Nothing usually happens and then they get called out of their bunkers and go back to their lives.

But this time something did happen. Just consider the possibilities. I am not going to give away what happens in the first book or the series, but I will say why I’m loving these books.

You feel the suspense like you are right there with Captain Lee Harden as he sits in his bunker and works his way to what’s outside. It almost never lets up. After the premiere book, there’s a little more time spent on describing the world and the emotions, but it just plays into the suspense and action.

Of course, now is also the time where the second half of the Walking Dead season is on and they are doing such crazy things with the characters that they made me go back and watch season 1 to gawk at how far they’ve come.  It’s kind of like watching Frodo toss the ring in the volcano, then going back to watch Frodo reading a book under a tree in the Shire waiting to catch Gandalf arriving. The world has really had its way with all of them.

I still have a few more books to read in the Remaining series and there’s another episode of Walking Dead tonight. I just can’t stop now.

Wait, what’s that thumping sound? Is that the wind hitting my windows or a zombie?



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